Welcome to Outer Banks Physical Therapy

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At Outer Banks Physical Therapy, patient care is our priority. Restoring patients to their pre-injury way of life is the focus of our entire staff. Our goal is to provide patients with the most thorough and precise evaluation, treatment, and plan of care to ensure optimal outcomes so you may return to the lifestyle and activities you enjoy.

With over 20 years of clinical experience and a tremendous working relationship with local doctors as well as surgeons regionally and across the country, we are able to maximize our patients rehabilitation outcomes. Our therapists stay current with the latest Physical Therapy techniques and attend yearly continuing education to stay apprised of the ever growing and changing field of research in orthopedics and sports medicine. Come to Outer Banks Physical Therapy and get back to working, playing and living!

Monthly Tip

Protect yourself from the sun!!  It seems as if we may have finally broken out of winters grasp.  Make sure to cover up with long sleeves or sun screen to avoid sun damage to your skin.  Hydration will also be key as our temperatures begin to rise.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay at your peak performance levels.  Enjoy the beautiful outer banks that we call home!

Patient of the Week

Mrs. Mirick

            *  She has made great progress in her strengthening program
            *  She tackles her rehab with great energy
            *  She motivates others to work hard


Pleased Patients

“  I am a physical therpist, and Amy gave me the best treatment I could possibly hope for.  With all of the constraints on health care, especially outpatient physical therapy, Amy goes above and beyond.  Her top priority is the patient.  She is brilliant and treats each client as an individual.  She is empathetic and creative, which motivates her patients to reach their maximum rehabilitation potential, resulting in excellent outcomes.  I highly recommend Amy Dougherty.

Pat Morris PT